Mi-17 acquisition & logistics support


- Moscow office with relations to the helicopter industry


- Ukrainian and Baltics presence for export processing


- End unit through all level of spares available


- Major component (TV3-117VM, gearbox, etc) overhaul,

  core exchange and stockage programs


- Ability to confirm legality and quality of spares (TRACE)

  by a full-time Russian presence and relationships

  with major subcomponent plants, overhaul facilities, etc.

Network development/confirmation in Russian Federation/Ukraine/Eastern Europe


     - Locate and vet best "OEM" partners to approach

       for teaming agreements

     - Options: KB Mil, Factories (Ulan-Ude and Kazan),

       Helicopters of Russia, Rossoberonexport, etc.

     - Permanent presence in Moscow, Kyiv, etc.

     - STATE/DDTC/ITARS Compliant: Denied Parties

       Screening, etc.


Networks to multiple Mi-17s overhaul facilities


     - Assure reputation/quality of facilities

     - Assure registration and docs in place

       (and current) in Moscow as required

     - Negotiate best terms and conditions


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